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Related article: Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2010 Lolitas Pthc Pics 18:29:22 -0800 (PST) From: x_emoboi_xyahoo.com Subject: Adventures at School - Part 1This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature Lolitas Pthc Pics offends you then you should not read this story.Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author.Adventures at School Part One The school bell had rung over an hour before and all the students had left, or so I had thought before I heard the whispering in the boys bathroom when I went in to take a whiz. Two boys were in the handicap stall. They hadn't heard me enter because I was barefoot. I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Shane McBride. I'm a senior at the local university finishing up my student teaching in History at JFK middle school. I'm 5'8",145#, sandy blond hair shaggy hair, a naturally smooth body and 7 inch fairly thick cut cock. I've been told I'm pretty cute, but I've always kinda thought I just average. My friends pretty much think I'm bi, but I've know I was gay since I was 10. It seemed easier to do the teaching thing without everyone breathing down my neck, wondering if I was doing the ol' bump and grind with a student. Once I was 18, I never touched anyone underage. I like flip fucking, so I never really thought about it. Not that I hadn't noticed a hell of lot of cute and hot boys at the school. I was fairly certain some were gay, bi, or at least curious, and if they were anything like I was growing up horny 24/7. Well anyway back to my bathroom discovery. I had walked into the bathroom to take a whiz, when I heard whispering in the handicap stall. They hadn't heard me come in, because I was barefoot. Generally as soon as school is out I'm barefoot. I hate wearing shoes, so most the time I wear flip flops or my birks. The dress code here at JFK middle school is pretty relaxed, which I really enjoyed. Anyway I wondered one, who would be still be this late and two, what were they up to in the bathroom? I snuck up the stall and peaked in the gap between the door and the stall wall. I was shocked. There were two of my cutest sixth graders Erik Brooks and Trey Martin naked. Erik was 5' 3", 85 lbs, pale skin, and brown medium length hair that almost always looked like a cross between being wind blown or serious bed head. Trey on the other hand was 5' 2", maybe 80 lbs soaking wet, tan all over with black long emo style hair and a seriously hard 3 inch cock. Trey was giving Erik's four inch cock a serious polishing job. He stood up, turned around and leaned forward against the wall. "You should be pretty lubed now, so fuck me hard," he said. "I've been ready to fuck you all day. You've got to stop dropping your pencil in class all the time and bending over to pick it up." Trey smiled and laughed, "that's why I do it." "I almost threw you over your desk in third period history class and fucked the hell out of you." Erik moaned as he prepared to sink his throbbing 4 inch cock into Trey's hot ass. "Maybe you should have, then I'd gotten a chance to taste Mr. McBride's cock," Trey chuckled. "I will taste it before the end of the year," he moaned as Erik slide inside his ass. "I'd love to have you blow me as he fucks your ass good and hard. After he nuts inside you and pulls out I want to taste you on his cock." "Oh fuck ya, you feel so good in me. Shit ya, we've got to find a way to do this more than once a day like we did during the summer." I was shocked and turned on by what I'd seen and heard so far. Two of my cutest students were fucking in front of me and wishing I would join them in their escapades. I was rock hard and leaking precum like a broken faucet. My chinos had a huge wet spot on them, one of the hazards of going commando all the time. The scene in front of me was too hot for me not to unzip and pull out me cock and start beating off. Erik was going to town on Trey's ass and Trey was begging for it like a bitch in heat. I leaned closer to the stall door to get a better look at the two of them, then it happened. I had forgotten the stall lock was broken. The next thing I knew I was falling onto the stall floor and two naked shocked boys were staring at me laying on the floor with my hard precuming 7 inches sticking out from my pants. Their shock and panic quickly turned to lust seeing my hard cock out. Trey had a huge grin, "looks like I've been a good boy this year. Santa came early and brought me just what I wanted." Erik nodded in agreement. "Oh hell ya he brought us both what we wanted!"End of part 1Well this my first attempt at writing a story. If anyone thinks I should continue with the story let me know. Thanks for your input. You can reach me at x_emoboi_xyahoo.com
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